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Marine Life, specialist in internet sales for aquatic trade of marine animals for saltwater and reef aquariums, offering coral specimens WYSIWYG every week. Marine Life has 6000 aquatic animal reference codes, acclimated and with a guarantee of live arrival during the transport and 24 hours after the delivery.

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Certain marine fishes, rare corals, marine invertebrates and detrivores are on special offers at discounted prices during a short term. Take advantage of it quickly, the stock is often limited to certain specimen. Some animals are only available during specific periods of time.

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Marine Life sell corals - both hard and soft corals and marine anemones; Marine Life specializes in marine fish such as clown fish species, surgeonfish, angelfish, butterflyfish etc.; the company has a large stock of marine invertebrates available of which detrivores such as shrimps, snails, sea stars, brittle stars, hermit crabs, urchins and other invertebrates of which the beautiful bivalve clams, tube worms such as cerianthus anemones, spirographs and also sea fans and sponges. In the past, the company specialized in sales of algae for marine aquariums. Marine Life sell premium quality live rock and live sand that play a big part in biological balance of marine aquarium, Berlin method in particular.
To avoid the language confusion, see our definitions of different types of aquariums :

saltwater aquarium
marine aquarium
general term combining the whole lot of an aquarium containing marine animals.
aquarium FO
aquarium Fish-Only
specific term for an aquarium containing marine fish only, without inverterbrates including corals. It can contain marine algae.
mixed aquarium
term that distinguish saltwater tank, usually with fish, live rock, detrivores and soft corals. It does not contain hard corals.
reef aquarium
term reserved for aquariums with hard corals, the most demanding when it comes to water quality and long-term precise and stable parametres. In addition to hard corals it can contain all other live organisms.
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