LPS Corals: Euphyllia, Catalaphyllia, Fungia, Trachyphyllia, Lobophyllia...

LPS Hard corals (Large Polyps Scleractinian) are extremely diverse. The most famous genera are Euphyllia, Catalaphyllia, Favia, Trachyphyllia, Lobophyllia, Fungia , Goniopora ... they are very popular in marine aquarium with their vibrant colors, their variety of shapes and their quite easy maintenance . You will find a wide selection available in our Wisiwig corals section every week. ( Coraux LPS)
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Coraux LPS

LPS corals are easier to maintain than SPS (branched or plate corals with small polyps). Most of them require less intensive lighting and flow, and are less sensitive to slight fluctuations in water quality (even if it is necessary to stay closer to the reef standards so that they remain thriving).
If SPS traditionally adorn the high areas of the aquascaping, the LPS are placed at mid-height or near the bottom, closest to the sand, but for the most part they must be placed on a hard substrate (piece of rock for example) , not in direct contact with the sand. These very practical, because with their beautiful bouncy shapes and bright colors, they adorn all the less illuminated areas of the tray.

Be careful not to drive a too violent (and especially not direct) water flow on these corals: long polyps or big chubby cushions must be able to unfold without pressure on their delicate tissues. A good balance on the alcalinity is very important, as well as regular iodine intake. Specific feeding can be a real advantage for the growth and thrive of many LPS species, especially the most fleshy kinds.


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