The sea anemones for a reef aquarium

The sea anemones for reef aquariums can be divided into 3 groups: large sea anemones, small solitary anemones such as Ricordea and small colony anemonies such as Zoanthus. Large sea anemones are favourite hosts for certain types of clown fishes. Amongst large sea anemones, one specimen is indispensable: Entacmaea quadricolor, an anemone that is rather easy to maintain in aquariums. Do not forget that marine anemones are corals: they require a very good water quality and light. Several specimen of various colors are available for sale. ( Sea Anemone)
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Sea Anemone

Dans l'optique d'accueillir des poissons-clowns, optez pour l'un des genres suivants : Cryptodendron, Entacmaea, Heteractis, Macrodactyla ou Stychodactyla. Ces genres sont les hôtes naturels des poissons-clowns mais aussi de certaines demoiselles. Les autres genres sont plutôt décoratifs, notamment les anémones Epicystis et Condylactis.


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