Zebrasoma flavescens : yellow tang

Yellow surgeonfish Zebrasoma flavescens is a star of marine aquariums.
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Zebrasoma flavescens

Maintenance :
Compatibilité aquarium récifal :
Taille adulte moyenne :
17/ 6.7
Taille minimale de l’aquarium :
300 to 500 litres
Dimorphisme sexuel :
Zone de vie dans l’aquarium :
Full water
Mise en garde :
Slicing scalpels present at the base of the back fin
Conseils de nos experts :
Although living in groups often in nature, maintenance of a single specimen is recommended if the volume of the tank is between 300 and 700 liters, because Zebrasoma Flavescens could become aggressive if it feels cramped on its territory . Beyond this volume, the introduction of a pair or a group (depending on the available space) is possible, if you welcome fish together at once.
The aquarium should be relatively mature, the water quality is important, as with all surgeon fish.

Remember that Zebrasoma Flavescens is herbivore, even if in captivity he accepts all kinds of meat food with appetite. The surgeons are big eaters because, very dynamic, they spend a lot, and they also have a relatively thick "template" to maintain. This big appetite makes them little eyebrow on the nature of the food source available, although their digestive system in the long run.
To maintain Zebrasoma Flavescens in good health and guarantee its longevity, it is necessary to offer it plant foods every day, in the form of fresh or lyophilized algae, or granules for herbivorous fish.

The amount of food available also conditions his "good humor": if he has to fight to eat his hunger, relationships with other aquarium fish will be felt, and Z. Flavescens can become very aggressive and territorial If it is stressed.

The life expectancy of Zebrasoma Flavescens can go up to the thirties, if it is properly nourished and hosted in an adequate space with appropriate roommates.
Paramètre physico chimique de l’eau :
Temperature 24-27 ° C, salinity 1.022-1.024, pH 8.0-8.4, KH 6-10, mg 1200-1400, CA 400-480, No3> 10, PO4> 0.05
Régime alimentaire :
Origine géographique :
Pacific central


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