Loyalty Programme

Marine Life rewards your loyalty through its loyalty programme!

You can accumulate customer loyalty points on each order you place on Marine Life's website. These points are automatically converted into discount vouchers which you can use on a future order.

Customer loyalty points can only be accumulated on Marine Life's website. You can only use them on Marine Life's website.

How can you earn Marine Life loyalty points?

When you place your first order, an account will be automatically opened free of charge. Your customer account is created and you start earning Marine Life points on your first order. You earn loyalty points every time you buy something on the Marine Life website:

1 Euro earns 5 points.

Your points accumulate over the year. They can then be used to give you a discount on a payment.

How much is a point worth?

4 000 points are worth 16 euros.

How can they be used?

You can use your loyalty points when you buy any product on Marine Life's website.

Do you need a minimum number of points to be able to use them?

Yes, you need at least 250 points to be able to use them on Marine Life's website.

Where can I see how many Marine Life loyalty points I have?

After each order, points are credited after payment has been confirmed. You can see your loyalty points in your account. To see how many points you have and their discount value, connect to your Marine Life account using your email and password.

How can I use my points?

When you choose the payment method, you can use all or some of your points to pay for the order. Loyalty points can only be used to partially pay for orders placed on Marine Life's website up to a maximum of 4 000 points per order.

The amount left to pay must be settled by another payment means offered by the website.

How many points can I use per order?

Please note that you cannot use more than 4 000 points per order. However, any unused points will be kept on your account.

Do my loyalty points have an expiry date?

Your loyalty points do not have an expiry date and accumulate as of the creation of your account.

Can I give my loyalty points to someone else?

Loyalty points cannot be transferred to another Marine Life account, including accounts held by friends or family members.

Can I cash in my loyalty points for money?

Loyalty points cannot be cashed in for money. They can only be used as a discount on orders placed on marinelife.com.


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